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The Hollywood Facelift
The Hollywood Facelift procedure is performed by a Master Esthetician in a serene, private setting. This unique micro-current therapy offers the first real alternative to cosmetic surgery. The treatment, known as the “Knifeless Facelift,” will leave skin smooth, hydrated and looking years younger.
The Perfector is performed with vitamin enriched gels to enhance the overall skin experience. This gel helps refine pores and ionize the skin. We remove all cosmetics from the skin prior to treatment. We encourage you to bring along any personal items you will need to reapply after the session is complete.
Facial Treatments
Smooth, tone, and detoxify skin
Reduce lines and wrinkles
Lift jowls and cheeks
Fade age spots
Refine pores

*For optimum results 12 to 24 sessions are recommended, then maintenance programs are encouraged.*
Eye Lift: $30
Single Session: $175.00
Three Sessions: $375.00
Six Sessions: $650.00
Twelve Sessions: $1,200.00
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